Where in the World
Send us photos and descriptions of where you've worn your Welly gear around the world. Your photo could make our Where in the World blog and you can win great prizes.

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November 20, 2012
Paul Richard's Welly hat at Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin crossing between East/West Berlin during the Cold War.

November 19, 2012
Welly employee Kenny Phelps at the Tantalus Mountain Range between Vancouver and Squamish in British Columbia.

November 05, 2012
Here's a great photo of Colin Ferguson wearing his Welly shirt during a gondola ride on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

Yeongju, South Korea
November 05, 2012
Kathryn and Rob Marion visiting the Buseoksa temple in Yeongju, South Korea.

Toronto, ON
October 29, 2012
Here's a shot of Tom Nagy and Michelle Doherty, posing with one of our Toronto delivery trucks while visiting Toronto from Peterborough. Cheers!

Austin, TX
October 29, 2012
Welly marketing guy Brad with an armload of craft brews from the "Whip In" in Austin, Texas.

London, ON
October 29, 2012
Toronto Sales Rep. Scotty Bough's brother in law Steve Ferguson at a wedding in London ON sporting his Welly touque.

Bogota, Colombia
October 02, 2012
Anthony Charles visiting the Bogota Beer Company in Bogota Colombia.

Alcatraz Island Penitentiary, San Francisco, CA
August 17, 2012
Greg Leatherland behind bars with his Welly shirt in a solitary confinement cell, Alcatraz Island Penitentiary, San Francisco, California.

London, UK
August 01, 2012
David Phillips took his Welly shirt on a tour of London. Above left: In front of the Duke of Wellington in London, UK. Above right: In front of the Duke of Wellington in Cardiff, South Wales. Below left: At Westminister Abbey Below right: On the Thames Thanks for the great photos. You're our Where in the World winner for this month, congrats!

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