The Welly One-Off Series
The Welly One-Off series is a selection of small batch specialty beers created by our brewmasters. These unique beers often use experimental ingredients or unique brewing methods and are a way for our brewers to test out new recipes, throw ingredients together and see what works. These beers are made in very small batches and are only available from the brewery and on tap at select bars & restaurants.

Here are some of the Welly One-Off beers we’ve featured in the past:


Against the Currant - Blackcurrant Kettle Sour
5.5% Alc/Vol
Working with our friends at Escarpment Laboratories we used a simple kettle sour process to create a tart and refreshing sour beer. Kettle Souring lowers the pH of the beer by adding lactobacillus into the brew kettle which produces natural lactic acid. When the appropriate sourness is achieved, the kettle is brought to a boil killing any living lactobacillus, leaving behind a distinctly sour beer with notes of lemon and honey. To round out this unique beer we added local Ontario blackcurrants which contribute a purple hue, earthy berry notes, and a tart finish to this tasty summertime beer!

Prismatic Golden Sour
5.9% Alc/Vol
Barrel-aged in Cabernet Franc wine barrels for over a year with a mix of wild yeast and sour bacteria, this golden sour beer has melon and citrus notes with a distinct brett aroma. Complex grape and stone fruit flavours meld with earthy funk notes to complete this refreshing and tart sour ale with a dry finish.

Gruit Yourself
5.5% Alc/Vol
Brewed to celebrate International Gruit Day, this ancient style of beer is brewed without hops. Instead of hops this unique ale uses an herbal blend of chamomile, mugwort, lemon balm, and lemon peel to create a delicate herbal bitterness. This tasty Gru-It-Yourself beer has an enticing lemon aroma, slightly sweet malt body with notes of honey, chamomile, and a well-balanced floral bitterness that ties it all together.


Train Hoppin' IPA
6.4% Alc/Vol
An adventurous take on a classic trek! This American-style IPA has a bold hoppiness balanced with the fresh aroma of pine, citrus and tropical fruits. Today is a perfect day for Train Hoppin'!

Kentucky Cow - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chocolate Milk Stout
7.7% Alc/Vol
Our legendary Chocolate Milk Stout with a southern twist. We aged our Chocolate Milk Stout in Kentucky bourbon barrels for 8 months which impart enticing oak and vanilla notes to this sweet and robust milk stout. This decadent milk stout is a delicious treat with rich chocolate notes and a smoky bourbon finish that can be enjoyed on it’s own or paired with your favourite dessert this holiday season. Cheers!

Needlepoint Hibiscus Spruce Ale
6.4% Alc/Vol
Inspired by our love for crisp Canadian winters, the women from Queen of Craft have created this refreshing brew with hibiscus flowers, spruce tips and a variety of citrusy hops to quench your cross-country thirst! Hang up your snowshoes, peel off those wet gloves and enjoy this invigorating brew with friends and family.

30th Anniversary Ale
8.2% Alc/Vol
This small-batch commemorative ale is a blend of two unique beers specially crafted to mark our 30th anniversary. We took a malt-forward ale brewed with elderberries and aged it for 3 months in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Over time this traditional English style ale develops oak and smoky vanilla notes that complement the rich malt flavours of dark fruit and raisin. We then blended this barrel-aged beer with a dry-hopped imperial golden ale infused with heather tips. This imperial golden ale contributes floral and aromatic hop flavours to create a captivating and unique beer. Cheers to thirty years!

Fresh Off The Wire - Centennial Pale Ale
6.3% Alc/Vol
It’s hop harvest time! Our brewers went up to Clear Valley hop farm in Nottawa, Ontario to pick some fresh Centennial hops right off the wires. We took these fresh hops immediately back to the brewery and wet-hopped this medium bodied harvest ale to enhance the bright floral, grapefruit, and citrus aromas of the legendary Centennial hop.

Heathers Witbier
5.0% Alc/Vol
An unfiltered witbier brewed with heather tips and lemon peel. This summer beer has a mild wheat body, slight pepper note, and an herbal bitterness from the addition of heather tips. With a dry and zesty lemon finish this classic witbier is the ultimate summer patio beer!

ee I ee I oh! Farmhouse IPA
7.5% Alc/Vol
This summertime IPA has massive fresh fruit aromas, a light malt body, and a crisp bitter finish. Brewed using saison yeast this IPA has slight spice and pepper notes followed by a citrus hop finish. Yeeehaw!

Southern Twang Bourbon Barrel-Aged IPA
6.0% Alc/Vol
Inspired by a road trip to Kentucky this IPA is the perfect marriage of beer and barrel. After aging for 5 months in Kentucky bourbon barrels this IPA developed rich oak tannins and smokey bourbon notes. To maintain the fresh hop aromas we dry hopped after taking the beer out of the barrels. Catch the tune of Southern Twang!

Dandy Rye-PA
4.5% Alc/Vol
Wellington Brewery, StoneHammer Brewing, and Royal City Brewing have teamed up for another collaboration to celebrate Ontario Craft Beer Week. This crisp summer ale uses locally harvested dandelions and roasted dandelion root alongside local Ontario hops and malts. This unique ale also uses yeast from each brewery giving it a truly collaborative local flavour profile. Get ready for a refreshing ale with a slight dandelion bitterness alongside notes of grapefruit and a subtle spiciness. It’s a dandy!

Resinator - American IPA
6.9% Alc/Vol
Catch the wavelength of this bold American style IPA chalked full of fragrant west-coast hops. Dry hopped with Columbus, Chinook and Amarillo hops, this IPA has huge citrus and pine notes with a lingering bitterness and a resiny hop finish.

Kickin' Back Dry Hopped Session Ale
4.8% Alc/Vol
Kick back and enjoy this dry hopped pale ale featuring the unique aroma and bright hop flavours of locally grown Ontario hops. This laid back pale ale is low in alcohol with a well-balanced bitterness that is the perfect beer to enjoy all day long!

Red Sky At Night - Wine Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
8.2% Alc/Vol
Our legendary Imperial Russian Stout aged in Cabernet Franc wine barrels for 3 months. This rich full bodied imperial stout has notes of dark chocolate and coffee which blend wonderfully with pronounced grape aromas and tart cherry notes imparted by the wine barrels.

St. Joseph's Wort Basil Coffee Porter
4.1% Alc/Vol
This unique sessionable porter created by Welly brewer Mike Brooks is truly one-of-a-kind. This porter explores unique flavour combinations by blending fresh Ontario basil with Sidamo coffee roasted and cold-brewed by Ryan and Rufus at Planet Bean Coffee in Guelph. With a rich coffee aroma and a slightly sweet herbal basil note, this porter has a full-bodied mouthfeel with notes of dark chocolate and earthy coffee. Curious about what happens when cold brew coffee goes into a craft brew? Try this tasty porter and find out!

Winter Lager
5.5% Alc/Vol
Stuck in the doldrums of winter, we’ve created a crisp and robust lager to ward off the winter blues. Our brewers brought it back to basics creating a German style lager using traditional ‘step mashing’ and then lagering this beer for over a month. The result is a smooth lager with a malt body showcasing German style malts and a crisp finish from Hallertau and Saaz noble hops. Our all-new Winter Lager is a toast to the rich German brewing heritage and a nod to tradition, proving that the classics never go out of style. Cheers!


Apples 2 Oranges
7.4% Alc/Vol
It all started with an apple. This one-of-a-kind beer features a wild strain of brewers yeast isolated from an apple in a local orchard. Our brewers took this wild yeast, pitched it, and waited for the yeast to work it’s magic, producing distinct clove, spice, and banana notes. This medium-bodied farmhouse style ale has coriander and orange peel added to the brew which enhance the zesty fruit aromas and spicy finish. The result is a beer beyond compare, it’s Apples 2 Oranges!

Sleet Wheat Wine
11.5% Alc/Vol
Similar to a barley wine, this rare style of beer has a high alcohol content but features a milder wheat body that is pale gold in colour. Aged in cabernet franc wine barrels, this beer takes on fruity grape aromas and slightly tannic flavours which blend perfectly with the aromatic and moderately bitter hop presence. This effervescent and unique ale is full of fruity grape character with a gentle alcohol finish. Sleet Wheat Wine is the perfect beer to share while you weather the winter!

Walk The Plank IPA
6.0% Alc/Vol
This cedar plank IPA has an assertive bitterness with bold citrus, pine, and tropical fruit hop flavours. After aging with cedar planks this beer takes on rich cedar flavours and spicy wood notes which help enhance the bold hop flavours. So step up and walk the plank!

2014: A Spice Odyssey
7.0% Alc/Vol
Wellington Brewery, the proud sponsor of the "Queen of Craft" series, is excited to offer a Chai Latte Stout brewed by an all-female team with a blend of spices donated by the Bollywood Bistro. Take comfort in flavours and aromas of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves for an out-of-this-world experience!

Wine Not? Wine Barrel Aged Vienna Lager
6.0% Alc/Vol
A collaboration beer with our friends at Royal City Brewing. 'Wine Not?' is a robust lager with a light toasted malt body aged for a month in cabernet franc wine barrels. After aging, this beer takes on bright grape aromas with a slightly tannic finish.

Cuckoo for Cocoa Husks
6.0% Alc/Vol
Bursting with chocolate flavour, this robust and well-balanced porter is brewed with cocoa husks added directly to the mash. The cocoa husks impart a rich chocolate flavour that perfectly compliments the dark roasted malts. This tasty chocolate porter is sure to make you go cuckoo for cocoa husks!

Farmers' Market - Carved Out Pumpkin Ale
4.6% Alc/Vol
It’s pumpkin harvest season! Carved Out Pumpkin Ale is the latest addition to our Farmers’ Market series showcasing ingredients from local food producers. Brewed with 100 locally grown pumpkins from Strom's Farm, this light bodied pumpkin ale has clove, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger spice for a well-balanced and delicious fall beer.

Duke It Out - Brett Barrel Aged Iron Duke
7.2% Alc/Vol
Our award-winning Iron Duke fermented with farmhouse yeast and aged for one year in wine barrels with brettanomyces (wild yeast). This sour ale has tart fruit notes that blend perfectly with the rich malt body.

Winey Crank
5.2% Alc/Vol
An unfiltered wheat beer aged in Cabernet Franc wine barrels for 2 months blended with a fresh batch of dry hopped wheat beer. A slightly tart fruit flavour and aromatic grape notes come from the wine barrels.

Put Your Dukes Up - Bourbon Barrel Aged Iron Duke
6.5% Alc/Vol
We’re marking our 29th anniversary with a new take on an old classic. Our award-winning Iron Duke Strong Ale has been aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels which impart rich vanilla notes and smokey flavours to this complex malt-forward ale.

Bad Seed Pomegranate Wheat
5.2% Alc/Vol
A unique twist on a summer classic! We’ve taken an unfiltered wheat beer and brewed it with real pomegranate juice for an exceptional balance of sweet and tart. This is the perfect patio beer with bright pomegranate flavours and a slightly tart finish.

Island Hopper Pale Ale
4.8% Alc/Vol
A light American style pale ale created to celebrate one of our favourite weekends of the year, Hillside Festival. Island Hopper Pale Ale is the perfect easy-drinking pale ale with bright hop notes of citrus and pine and a mild malt body. Brewed with locally sourced Bee Balm leaves, this beer has a fresh floral and mint finish. Happy Hillside!

Farmers' Market Rhubarb Saison
5% Alc/Vol
A flavourful summertime Saison with a twist! This crisp and refreshing beer has a mild malt body with spicy notes from the farmhouse style yeast. Working with the Aberfoyle Farmers' Market, over 200 pounds of locally grown rhubarb was hand picked by growers and added to this brew. The rhubarb adds a slightly sour and tart finish, making this a refreshing summertime beer that is best enjoyed outdoors!

Bewitched Belgian IPA
7% Alc/Vol
A huge summer time beer loaded with west coast style hops. Brewed using Belgian farmhouse style yeast, this beer has a light body, spice and pepper notes from the farmhouse yeast, and massive citrus hop flavours. Sit back and let this beer cast it’s spell!

Root Down Ginger Beer
5%% Alc/Vol
So how we gonna kick it? New Welly One-Off 'Root Down' Ginger Beer is a light sessionable golden ale with a sharp and spicy ginger finish. Root Down is a refreshing summer brew packed with loads of ginger and dried Bee Balm leaves that add a crisp mint note.

Kazoo! Brew Festive IPA
4.8% Alc/Vol
Over the years Wellington Brewery has been a strong supporter of local music and art, sponsoring countless events year-round in Guelph and across Ontario. This year, the brewers at Wellington have brought together their love of live music and the art of craft brewing to create a small-batch beer exclusively available at Guelph's Kazoo! Festival happening April 9th to 13th. Wellington brewmaster Marvin Dyck describes the beer as a "really flavourful light beer with bright hop notes of citrus and pine, it's a perfect easy-drinking IPA".

S'wheat Thang
5.5% Alc/Vol
After a long and brutal winter, we’re welcoming the spring with a crisp and hoppy wheat ale. S’wheat Thang has an unfiltered wheat body with a balanced bitterness from Cascade, Amarillo, and Sorachi Ace hops. With notes of lemon, orange and tropical fruit, this crisp and refreshing wheat ale is the perfect beer to kick off the s’wheat s’wheat springtime!

(Extra) Terrestrial Imperial IBA
8.2% Alc/Vol
From the depths of outer space, comes an (Extra) Terrestrial, a heavily fortified imperial brown ale with a maximum payload of american hops. We've taken our award-winning recipe for Terrestrial India Brown Ale and made it double, using twice as much roasted malts and more than enough bitterness to satisfy the most discerning hop-heads. This imperial brown ale clocks in at over 90 IBU, dry hopped to create an intense flavour supernova of citrus and lemon. You can't escape this black hole of hops!

Sputnik Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Russian Stout
8% Alc/Vol
We've launched our legendary Imperial Russian Stout into Kentucky Bourbon Barrels for an out of this world flavour experience. As black as deep space, our award-winning Imperial Russian Stout has a robust malt profile with notes of dark chocolate and coffee. After months of barrel aging, the bourbon barrels contribute a spicy oak flavour, smooth vanilla notes, and a hint of coconut. Sputnik has landed!

Frost Quake Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley wine
9.8% Alc/Vol
Like a loud boom on a winter night, this barrel aged barley wine will awaken your taste buds! We've taken our Yuletide Barley Wine and aged it in Kentucky bourbon barrels. This complex ale has a rich, full bodied malt with notes of toffee, chocolate and raisins alongside fragrant hop notes. Bourbon barrels infuse a rich oak flavour with notes of vanilla and caramel. So go ahead, crack it open!


Ginger Beer'd
5.7%% Alc/Vol
Our first collaboration with Block Three Brewing (St. Jacob's, ON) is a sweet gingerbread ale brewed with ginger, lactose (milk sugar), roasted barley, Munich malt and Oats.

Cedar Rye-PA
5.7% Alc/Vol
An aromatic american style IPA with a twist. This flavourful IPA balances the dry spicy notes of rye malts with cedar chips and Centennial hops for an otherworldly aroma of cedar and tropical fruit.

Yuletide Barley Wine
9.8% Alc/Vol
Celebrate the holidays by kicking back with this winter treat. Based on the traditional English style, this dark ale has a rich, full bodied malt with notes of chocolate, toffee and raisins. Best enjoyed with friends and family this holiday or save it for future enjoyment!

Kentucky Common
4.5% Alc/Vol
After a trip to Kentucky to pick up some Bourbon barrels, the brewers at Wellington were inspired to re-create a traditional Kentucky Common. This unique beer is based on the grain bill of a fine bourbon, which is then sour mashed, and instead of distilling, brewers yeast is pitched. With a slightly tart flavour and mild roasted malt notes, this is a delicious beer with a rich history.

Quick Brown Fox ESB
6.0% Alc/Vol
Our take on a traditional British ESB (Extra Special Bitter), dry hopped with traditional English style hops. Quick Brown Fox has a biscuit and nut malt profile balanced with spicy and aromatic hops.

Iron Duke Saison
7.5% Alc/Vol
Iron Duke Saison is a delicious remix of a classic! We've taken our award-winning Scotch Ale and re-invented it by pitching Belgian Saison yeast to create a dark, malt-forward Saison style beer.

Gourd 'N Lightfoot
4.7% Alc/Vol
A Belgian style Saison brewed with locally sourced pumpkins from Strom's Farm. With a vibrant orange hue and a rich pumpkin flavour alongside nutmeg, cinammon, and ginger spice this is a refreshing and unique pumpkin beer.

Shadowplay Schwarzbier
5% Alc/Vol
A German style black lager with the appearance of a stout or porter that has a light and crisp lager body.

Kolvoord Hopburst
8.6% Alc/Vol
An unfiltered Double IPA that is guaranteed to light a vapor trail of hops in your mouth! With strong aromas of citrus and melon, this Double IPA has a very strong bitterness that is sure to set your taste buds on stun.

Bike Ryed Summer Kölsch
4.7% Alc/Vol
Our homage to the dog days of summer! We've brewed a refreshing summer beer, our take on a traditional German Kölsch style with rye malt addedfor a dry and spicy finish.

5.3% Alc/Vol
Summer is always way too short but we've got plenty of thyme in this crisp summer lager. Thyme adds an earthy, savory flavour that blends perfectly with fresh lemon zest for a refreshing and unique summer beer.

Sour Cherry Brown Ale
5% Alc/Vol
A traditional English style brown ale with a twist; we've added locally grown Ontario Sour Cherries for a delicate cherry flavour and tart finish.

Shangri-La IPA
6% Alc/Vol
An unfiltered American style India Pale Ale with notes of tropical fruit, lemon and pine. Dry hopped with Simcoe, Centennial, Amarillo, and Citra hops for an otherworldly aroma and a distinctively hoppy finish.

Belgian Pale Ale
6.5% Alc/Vol
This unfiltered Belgian Style Pale Ale is a malt forward ale brewed using traditional Belgian style yeast. With a rich floral aroma, notes of pear, and a hint of spice this refreshing ale combines toasty malt flavours with suggestions of orange and coriander for a delicious summertime ale

5.7% Alc/Vol
A crisp lager brewed with local wildflower honey and blended a mix of pineapple, mango, and banana juice into it for a refreshing and zesty tropical lager.

Smokey The Beer
5.2% Alc/Vol
A medium bodied malt forward ale with smoked malts added for a dry and smokey finish


Morning Brew Coffee Cream Stout
6.7% Alc/Vol
A rich and creamy stout with lactose (milk sugar) and fair trade coffee added. With a huge malt body, notes of roasted coffee, and a sweet creamy mouthfeel, this is a robust stout crafted just in time for the holidays.

Chocolate Milk Stout
7.2% Alc/Vol
A robust and smooth chocolately stout brewed with fair trade Peruvian cocoa powder, lactose (milk sugar) and a touch of flaked oats. With an inviting aroma of dark chocolate and a silky smooth unfiltered malt body, this unique stout is the perfect winter treat.

6.9% Alc/Vol
Our way of saying thanks to our amazing supporters for 27 years! We present a full-bodied porter with notes of dark chocolate and a toasty nutty flavour that is delicately hopped for aroma with hops grown at our brewery.

Boot Chuck IPA
5.5% Alc/Vol
With a dark amber hue and a refreshing citrus aroma, this delicious IPA matches malt complexity with the hop bitterness of Cascade, Sorachi Ace, Amarillo and Nugget hops for a sessionable IPA with depth and character.

5.2% Alc/Vol
Pepperazzi is a spicy and delicious collaborative beer made by the brewers at Wellington and F&M Brewery working alongside the staff from the Woolwich Arrow. This beer brings together the sweet aroma of fresh and roasted peppers with a spicy kick from Green Chilis, Guajillo Chilis, and Scotch Bonnet peppers.

Spaltacus Imperial Golden Ale
8.5% Alc/Vol
We took a little known hop, German Spalt and gave it the sole opportunity to lead our first single-hop beer. Using an absurd amount of hops, the bouquet is confident without being arrogant and boldly displays both piney and citrusy notes. Weighing in at 8.5% alcohol, this beer packs a punch to be remembered and respected.

5.5% Alc/Vol
This delicious medium bodied ale balances the dry, spicy character of rye malt alongside specially selected CaraRed and Two-Row Canadian barley malts. Rye-It! has a soft reddish hue with a slightly spicy aroma and notes of pepper. With Amarillo and Citra hops, this medium bodied ale has a subtle citrus bitterness with hints of grapefruit and lemon. The rye malt leaves a dry, smooth, cleansing aftertaste.

Terrestrial India Brown Ale
5.9% Alc/Vol
Brings together the rich malt complexity of an English brown ale with the refreshing citrus hop bitterness of an American style Cascadian dark ale. A Gold Medal winner at the 2012 Canadian Brewing Awards, this delicious ale is back for winter 2013.


Welly Mammoth Winter Stout
9% Alc/Vol
A huge and complex winter stout with subtle hints of balsam fir and a refreshing peppermint finish. Brewed using balsam fir boughs and peppermint, this massive winter stout is black in appearance and is heavily fortified with 9% alc/vol.

Wellington I.P.A.
5.8% Alc/Vol
Wellington IPA is characterized by a dark amber hue and a strong floral and citrus aroma. With the body of a traditional English Pale Ale, this balanced IPA bridges the tradition of British style IPA's with west-coast American style IPA's.

Homegrown Bitter
5.2% Alc/Vol
Brewed and patterned after a traditional English style bitter, this beer uses only locally grown hops and has been wet hopped with hops grown at our brewery.

Ce'Da Bitter Blue
4.5% Alc/Vol
Ce'Da Bitter Blue brings the classic style of the English session ale in touch with its Canadian side. Traditional English hops are married uniquely to locally grown blueberries and cedar boughs.

Svelte Ale
4% Alc/Vol
A Strawberry Vanilla Wheat Ale made from fresh strawberries and vanilla beans.

Chamomile & Chaga Ale
4.5% Alc/Vol
Experimental ale brewed using Chamomile and Chaga Mushrooms.

Wellington I.P.A.
5.5% Alc/Vol
This ale captivates the taste buds with a hoppiness that is intense without being overbearing. It features a dark amber hue and a strong floral nose.

Stout = mc2
9% Alc/Vol
Dark, strong and not afraid of its shadow! This limited batch stout brewed with Coffee, Oatmeal, Chocolate, and Maple Syrup.


Oast House Ale
5% Alc/Vol
A well-balanced medium bodied ale using the hops grown at our brewery.

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